Our 2015 event has passed, in 2016 we will be back!

Event Recap

On Thursday June 4th 2015, for the first time in the Benelux, Tele2 gathered exhibitors, partners, customers and relations to M2M Talks. In a constantly growing landscape and exciting time for IoT developments, Tele2’s M2M Talks events increase knowledge sharing and discussion in the industry. The event’s success would not have been able without our fantastic keynote speakers and enthusiastic partners. Tele2 is looking forward to a great Benelux event next year and invites you to continue the talk using #m2mtalks on social media such as twitter and linkedin!

Read more about Tele2’s M2M solutions and strategy on www.tele2.com/m2m and follow @tele2m2m on twitter!


Jeff Dodds,
Tele2 Netherlands

In 2014 Jeff switched from Virgin Media to Tele2.  His experience and focus on commercial strategy, customer experience, marketing and innovation are valuable assets in Tele2’s mission to shake up the Dutch telco industry. The bright and shinny new LTE-Advanced 4G network, that Tele2 is currently building in the Netherlands, is the perfect enabler to accomplish this goal and become a real disruptive mobile operator for both the B2B and consumer market.   

Rami Avidan,
Commercial director M2M,
Tele2 Group

Rami has a deep understanding of the Telco industry with a specific focus on the M2M industry, primarily due to the fact that he founded and ran The Wyless Group of companies, an M2M MVNE, for several years. Today Rami leads Tele2´s M2M/IoT efforts where he runs the Global M2M/IoT Business Unit – Tele2 M2M Global Solutions. Ultimately in-charge of the entire group from an M2M perspective including the vision and direction, business development, strategic partnerships, technology platforms, support and operations as well as sales and marketing. One of the major drivers of the success of Tele2 is the fact that we quickly realized the global aspect of M2M and the dependency of a strong global partner program to reach the desired customers. This has led to the fact that Tele2 today is regarded as one of the leaders in the industry.


“Tele2 strive to be the champions of customer value in everything we do. We are challengers and fast-movers, always offering our customers and partners what they need, for less. When delivering our M2M solutions, we focus on the following: Simplicity, Flexibility, Organization, and Partners.”

Phil Hollett
Group CEO
CSL DualCom

Phil has over 30 years experience of the Security Industry having owned and established a number of security companies in various sectors. After gaining a business degree in Canada he joined ASH PLC . Phil ultimately became Finance Director of European operations for ASH before leading the sale of this division to Sensormatic Inc.

Phil joined CSL in 2004 where his experience in a variety of sectors in the security industry has helped CSL make the transition from a product based company to a platform and service based company.

Hans Moonen
Principal Business Consultant & Assistant Professor
CGI Nederland & University of Twente

Hans splits his time between consulting and academia. At CGI (former Logica) he works as a principal business consultant within the Transport & Logistics domain. This is combined with a one day/week position at University of Twente. In both professions Hans’ core focus is on “smart & sustainable logistics and transport”; in other words: how to organise supply chains and transport operations in smarter & more sustainable manners. Over the past fourteen years, Hans always operated on the interplay between logistics/mobility, process change and innovative softwares. Before, Hans worked at enterprise software vendor Baan, followed by a position at Erasmus University, where he obtained his PhD degree.

Hans perceives it a challenge to approach problems in an out-of-the-box manner. He has been a frequent participant and speaker at national and international conferences. He (co-)authored a series of publications. Hans is driven to really making things happen and change for the better.

Steve Hilton,
Co-founder and President

Steve Hilton is a co-founder and President at MachNation, the leading insight services and application development firm for the Internet of Things, Internet of Everything, connected things, analytics and M2M. His primary areas of expertise include competitive positioning, marketing media development, cloud services, small and medium businesses and sales channels. Steve serves on Cisco’s IoT World Forum Steering Committee where he is co-chairperson of the Service Provide working group. Steve has 22 years’ experience in technology and communications marketing. Prior to founding MachNation, he built and ran the IoT/M2M and Enterprise practice areas at Analysys Mason. He has also held senior positions at Yankee Group, Lucent Technologies, TDS (Telephone and Data Systems) and Cambridge Strategic Management Group. Steve is a frequent speaker at industry and client events, and publishes articles and blogs in several respected trade journals. He holds a degree in economics from the University of Chicago and a Master’s degree in marketing from Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management.

Yosi Fait
Finance Director & President
Telit Communications PLC

Mr. Fait is a Certified Public Accountant and has held a number of executive positions with private and public companies. Yosi’s previous roles with listed companies have included CEO of both Alony Group and H&O. Yosi also served as CFO of Pelephone Communications Ltd, the first cellular operator in Israel. Yosi began his professional career as an accountant with Ernst & Young Israel.


AnyBridge develops custom machine-to-machine communication (M2M) and industrial/commercial Internet of Things (IoT) solutions. The flexibility and agility of AnyBridge platform technology, on which these solutions are built, provides a robust foundation for a wide scope of application areas, supported by off-the-shelf hardware and software building blocks. AnyBridge has succesfully delivered for various market segments, ranging from agriculture to maritime, and energy to infrastructure.

Aerea is a previous Intel® brand known for it’s Wimax services in Amsterdam.
Aerea does not just focus on Wimax anymore as we have grown to fill in the gaps of niche connectivity;

– Wimax / LTE connections in our 3.5GHZ
– Small cell and private network
– Wifi specialist
– Point to point connections
– Fiber internet service provider
– Nationwide low power, low cost SIGFOX network
– M2M sim connectivity with Tele2

We own  a number of city-wifi networks. (100+ hotspots in Rotterdam, Leeuwarden, Vlieland and Leeuwarden)

Aerea has provided full IT service for KLM Open, World championship Beachvolleyball, Kite tour Europe, Red bull surf competition and many many more. These events are helping us test and showcase new services in the M2M field.

Avic has over 15 years’ experience as your professional IoT partner. Because of our broad range of software and hardware products, we can offer solutions with both low initial investments and short time to market. With over 300 different business partners in many different countries and markets and millions of sensors connected we are one of the major IoT players in Europe.

Why IoT?
Internet of Things is the next phase in the Machine-to-Machine (M2M) technology and implies all interactions between humans and devices and devices among each other. The main goal is to collect, centralize and share real-time data continuously through Internet. You should focus on data that is important and relevant to your processes, not all (raw) data. Within the rapid changing business environments you are constantly searching for competitive advantages. IoT can help you to achieve this. Use data to improve your operations or get a better performance. Boost your sales through up- and cross-selling. With Avision you will be able to connect your devices within very short time.

Why Avic?
Avic facilitates complete IoT solutions. We are the one-stop-shop IoT partner who supplies all solutions with a focus on hardware, connectivity, hosting and software for an effective implementation.

We are glad to assist you with your IOT projects! Let us help you to setup the interface, unlock the data and turn it into business intelligence. Create value added services with Avic as your IoT facilitator. Please contact us on our booth on the Tele2 exhibition.

Founded in 1976, CGI is a global IT and business process services provider delivering high-quality business consulting, systems integration and managed services. With 68,000 professionals in 40 countries, CGI has an industry-leading track record of delivering 95% of projects on time and within budget, aligning our teams with clients’ business strategies to achieve top-to-bottom line results.

Our IoT delivering platform is built to ensure rapid development of “Your Internet of Things”. The platform is fully scalable and offers a secure multi tenancy platform which connect your enterprise assets while applying BI and data analytics to gain true business value. See how we helped ThyssenKrupp Elevators change their business: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZBGKgiKQfeY.

CSL DualCom Group Ltd is a leading international Critical Connectivity® provider specialising in M2M communications. All DualCom products are powered by the DualCom Gemini Platform, which handles over 1 billion calls each month. DualCom is trusted to protect near 300,000 premises throughout Europe.

The 4G GPRS Test Kit is a radio test kit which measures and displays radio signal strength and any interference on all mobile networks. It can be used to identify the optimum location for your installations such as 3G/4G Routers, deploying parking meters, smart meters, alarm signalling and Telehealth

EuropeTrack is a young and fast growing GPS Fleet Management company. We offer fast and userfriendly online software for fleet owners. The management information our sollutions provides enables businesses to manage there fleets more efficiently.

Giant Leap Technologies is your specialist in M2M Solutions (Machine-to-Machine, Human-to-Machine). We ensure that your devices, machines and sensors can be monitored, managed and controlled remotely. As experts in all aspects of M2M solutions we provide you with a total concept; from application-oriented design and development through to implementation and execution.

We design and develop each application, providing and developing any necessary hardware, assist in setting up a network infrastructure and act as a web application service provider. We use only the latest, most flexible and scaleable techniques.

Our team possess broad technical knowledge and many years of experience combined with a no-nonsense approach in order to develop creative, practical and durable working solutions for our clients. This has resulted in the development of a wide range of successful M2M applications over the last few years.

MachineTalk has over 15 years experience in the world of Machine to Machine and Internet of Things. This allows us to act quickly and configure the right solution for your application. But our first question is always: “What business model is applicable?” How can you make money by IoT? What is your goal and what information do you need? A clear and no-nonsense approach. So we like to deliver more than just the solution.

MachineTalk, ready to use IoT solutions
MachineTalk supplies various solutions for communication with your machines or installations. Off the Shelf solutions like MachineOnline provides you relevant information online instantly. If more functionality is desired, however, our experience and expertise also enable us to provide a more customized solution based on our platforms.

A competitive edge in your market
Through MachineTalk IoT solutions our customers achieve:
– A much higher availability / uptime.
– Saving on logistics, inventory and service.
– Reduced failure and maintenance costs through predictive maintenance.
– A business model and billing based on availability / SLA.
This enables our customers to implement new business models, to distinguish themselves and create an competitive edge in the market.

Since its founding in 1997, MCS specializes in innovative wireless solutions. MCS believes in the growing importance of mobile communications in the lives of people and machines. Our team of M2M specialist can help you with almost any M2M case, which we have proven over the years by supplying more then 700.000 mobile units connected to various M2M applications.

Among the Industries where we are active are healthcare, security, traffic&fleet management, energy & water sector etc.

MCS is offering the following range of products:
– M2M hardware (mobile routers, modems, engines and smart terminals)
– VPN access platform
– IP Sensors & monitoring platform
– fire and burglary alarm solution
– machine protocol conversion

MCS had recently succesfully taken over the HW Group activities from Dynatronics. This has given us access to all kind of different sensors and monitoring solutions, aimed for the Internet of Things market.

We invite you to come and talk with us to find the best solutions for your application.

M2M Services is one of the leading machine to machine specialists in Europe. M2M Services provides the platform, applications, and design services needed to profitably connect and manage devices worldwide. M2M Services is a privately held company based in Maasdijk, The Netherlands.

We believe the global economy is about to overshoot the carrying capacity of its environment and therefore threatening our quality of life. However, new technologies give us the tools to change the way we live and do business -thereby increasing the quality of life for all of us.

Our Vision
We believe The Internet of Everything improves the quality of life by enabling the interaction between everything and everyone in your environment. You have continuous and complete insight in how to maximize use of available resources.

M2M Services – ‘Connecting your World’

MobileTrack is the leading company of location based services (LBS) and solutions. The MobileTrack services are available as white labeled solutions, based on the Mobile Universal Gateway (MUG), which are hardware, devices, protocol, system and technology independent.

For example the MUG Platform supports and combines technology like GPS, Rfid, Wifi, Zigbee, Bluetooth, UWB, Mobile data, Simcard and other (future) technology to pinpoint the in and outdoor location of a person, object or vehicle. The MUG is a high end open system and supports emergency call centers like the police, ambulance, healthcare and security call centers. The graphical part as mapping, management information, logging and algorithm is supported by the Online Portal.

Beside the Track Trace services in security, safety, healthcare, fleet and industry, MobileTrack is also specialized in special projects and business cases with LBS technology which includes for example sales, marketing, gaming, advertising, services, LBS apps development and social network solutions.

MobileTrack Heavy Industries
MobileTrack Heavy Industries is specialized in developing and building high end redundant and secured wireless networks based on GSM voice and data technology (MtagBOX Private) for the most challenging and hazardous environments in the on and offshore industry.

On top off the MtagBOX Private Network there are future proof Location Based Services, Communications and Safety applications to maximize your production and safety while reducing the maintenance cost of your on and offshore operations.

WHAM offers a flexible and customizable platform for collecting and analyzing data of valuable and in demand assets. Full integration with ERP systems, like SAP, ties the WHAM asset management straight into your business environment.  No more hour’s loss of searching for the right asset, loss of billable production hours and an always up to date maintenance schedule are a few of the WHAM possibilities.

Monitoring people at healthcare institutions like, retirement home and rehab clinics require a high level of privacy. With our WHAM solution can we track people in-house but also outside with one wearable device. Utilizing the WHAM blanket option we can setup geo-fencing restrictions. When the patient is within his defined area there will be no signature of him on any monitor. However when an emergency occurs like man-down, the emergency button is pressed or when he leaves the predefined area, alarms will be generated and the location will be displayed. As privacy is very important WHAM offers the option to run the entire solution hosted on premise, so no data will shared with others or stored at other locations.

WHAM is a flexible and fully customizable platform utilizing the Tele2 M2M network to provide a predictable, reliable and cost efficient total offering. Moving from country to country will not impact the communication cost dramatically as seen with other operators.

Sim Services is a Service aggregator in the field of Machine to Machine (M2M) and Internet of Things (IoT) communication that offers added services on top of the Tele2 M2M connectivity.

Today, Sim Services has become thé specialist in the area of M2M connectivity, with up-to-date knowledge and a large technical base, that is ready to offer you 24/7 support. Not only can we offer you security on a sim card level, we can also arrange the safe delivery of your data traffic.
Our focus on professional support, short lines of communication, fast interaction, and most of all maximal flexibility in connectivity solutions, makes sure we are able to completely relieve you of your worries when it comes to M2M communication. That’s why our motto is: M2M made easy!
If you know the importance of a good M2M connection, you also know how important a reliable M2M service partner is.

Telit’s ONE STOP. ONE SHOP offers cellular, short-range and GNSS modules plus value added services to connect them over wireless, into cloud and business systems. From Telit Automotive Solutions come products for Automotive OEMs. Design-in and m2mAIR customer support from Telit offices, distributor network , and the Technical Support Forum.

ThingWorx, a PTC (Nasdaq: PTC) business, provides the first platform designed to efficiently build and run the applications of today’s connected world. ThingWorx’s model-based design and search-based intelligence simplifies application development efforts by minimizing cost and risk while accelerating time to value. The ThingWorx® platform combines the key functionality of Web 2.0, search, and social collaboration, and applies it to the world of “things”, including connected products, machines, sensors, systems, and industrial equipment. Businesses use the ThingWorx platform to rapidly deliver innovative applications and connected solutions across markets ranging from manufacturing, energy and food, to Machine-to-Machine (M2M) remote monitoring and service, as well as in emerging Internet of Things applications, including smart cities, smart grid, agriculture, and transportation.

The ThingWorx Platform offers a means to establish a secure, reliable connection to products as well as a platform to rapidly develop IoT applications for maintaining and operating them – and ultimately for finding ways to create new value from them.

Trackimo was founded in 2013 as a global provider if tracking services and as a designer, manufacturer and distributor of innovative global tracking devices. We currently offer the world’s smartest, most compact and affordable tracking services and devices. We made it our mission to provide our unique technology for practically anybody, anywhere. Trackimo – Always There.

WebWayOne has provided M2M solutions for premises management solutions since 1999. Our applications include event monitoring and remote service for intruder, fire, CCTV, Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS), Audio and Imaging. We manufacture a range of communications devices which connect to third party hardware and encrypt traffic prior to transmission over IP (ethernet or Wi-Fi), 3G/GPRS or PSTN networks. Our server platforms act as a secure M2M Gateway for the routing of event data to monitoring stations (250 connected to date), or any service provider. The platforms also enable two way communications with the remote site over IP or Radio. Our new WebWay Code Developer program enables manufacturers and service providers to co-operate in device to device integration, Cloud to Cloud API’s (where we can publish our data to your servers, or vice versa) and OEM programs for the integration of our hardware under license. WebWayOne’s systems are live in over 50,000 locations for home, business and enterprise customers across Europe, Scandinavia and newly launched in Australia. Our customers include global banks and retailers, and our architecture is used by other event transmission providers to switch their analogue systems to IP.

Zintouch is a Dutch Healthcare innovation company set up by professionals with many years of experience in different areas of healthcare technology, including: alarms, access solutions and remote screen care. We hope to develop solutions, which add to the safety and living enjoyment of people with or without limitations.

Zintouch is a complete online platform for a Mobile Personal Alarm System, specially developed for those who need and want safety and self-reliance indoors and out. The mobile and incredibly compact device has a simple touch button as alarm, so that the user can contact family, friends or healthcare professionals at any time or place. Pressing the alarm button immediately notifies three people at the same time by sending a (pre-recorded) spoken message. The first person who accepts the call for help, can speak directly with the user and will receive the exact location of the user at that moment, using the Zintouch web app on their phone. They can also use the app to open the door of a client to enter the home very quickly without getting a key.